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I followed this recipe exactly and it didn’t set properly - expensive ingredients to not work

I made this slice yesterday so sticky I binned it.Made it again tasted nice. But so sticky again. There is either too much condensed milk in it or the butter was very oily
Would not make it again as ingredients too expensive to throw out.


Sooo good

I usually double the quantity and put some in the freezer so I always have some nibbles to hand. They can be eaten straight from freezer too. Very popular with everyone who has tried them. I have used Flora Buttery spread and it set with no problem.

Delicious! Highly recommend, especially if you like lemon flavour.

Do you think I can freeze some as I made a big batch?

I think that is awesome recipe for the kids to take in lunch for school . Lovely and the kids loved it so much for school camp

Simple and delicious. I added chopped walnuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds for extra nutrition and texture. It was a hit!

Followed the recipe and it didn’t set.

It’s brilliant so easy to make and taste nice to.

I thought I followed the recipe but it turned out really soggy as other reviewers have said. I read the recipe again and realised I had used a whole tin of condensed milk. I added more crushed biscuits and it turned out really great, so moreish.

Great to eat and easy to make. Many thanks.

Followed the recipe exactly but unfortunately it did not set what so ever. Was looking forward to it but just have a sticky goo. Not sure what I did wrong

Absolutely delicious, can't leave it alone.

No messy washing up, one bowl, tastes lovely and keeps well.

My great nana used to make this all the time when I was younger, unfortunately I had lost her recipe over the years so was pleased to find it here.. Although I skip the lemon icing as it can be too sweet and just sprinkle coconut on top.. Family fav

This is sooo delicious! I have made this several times. Super easy to make. It doesn't last long in our household. I have shared this recipe with friends who absolutely love it too. YUM! Try this you won't be disappointed!

Easy to make and delicious to eat. Good for packed lunches.

Very easy to make. But mine is still not set from the bottom bit even after leaving it in the fridge for a whole night. I followed the recipe and didn’t alter anything. Wonder why it didn’t set. Any suggestions?
Chelsea Sugar:
It is possible that your mixture was overheated while melting the butter, Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar and condensed milk.

I have been making this recipe for a few years now, and it goes down a treat each time. It never lasts too long in my cupboard. Everyone always raves about how delicious it is! No fuss, easy to make and tastes amazing. Definitely one everyone should try :)

Wow - I never knew anything so easy could be so delicious. It will be my forever 'bring a plate'. :)

Hey, A friend made this slice and it was scrumptious! I was wondering can I substitute some or all of the butter in the icing with cream cheese?
CHELSEA: We presume you can substitute as both are an emulsifier. Try it and let us know!

My family absolutely love this and still go on about it years later. This slice is a flavour sensation and so easy to make. It never lasts a day in my kitchen

I love this recipe. Have made it quite a few times. This last time I found it very uncooked tasting and just didn't look right so I put it in the oven 180 for 20 minutes. Came out looking and smelling delicious. I did not have any lemons so iced it with Orange icing and it was absolutely delicious. One of my Christmas favourites!

Easy to make and scrumptious. I did 1/2 the amount of brown sugar, after reading some of the reviews though.

I am adding this to my Xmas gift list. I will make and gift it to friends.

Best tasting slice ever and so easy to make.

Easy to make and tastes delicious

This slice is a delight to the tastebuds. A real family winner.

Having now watched the video I think the answer may lie in the biscuits. The recipe just states a packet of crushed biscuits. I put mine in the food processor and crushed to a fine crumb. But from the video it looks like the biscuits are in big chunks. Do you think this might be the reason that my slice did not set? If so, perhaps you should amend the recipe, as I think someone else had a query below as to how crushed the biscuits should be.
CHELSEA: Hi there, how much you crush the biscuits is personal preference and shouldn't affect whether the slice sets or not (unless you were to not crush them much at all). Using table spread instead of butter is much more likely to have an impact. Table spreads tend to be made from vegetable oils and have a higher water content than butter. Because of these different properties, they are not a reliable substitute for butter in many baking recipes.

Well I don't know what I did wrong, the only change I made was using table spread instead of butter, which is what I do with all recipes and never have a problem. . But this did not set AT ALL. It was just a gooey mess the next morning, and a total waste of ingredients. Any suggestions for making this a successful slice gratefully requested.
CHELSEA: Hi there, this is one of our most popular recipes and we haven't experienced it not setting before. If you use the correct ingredient quantities and follow the method you shouldn't have any trouble with it setting. Perhaps try it with butter instead of table spread and see if that makes a difference?

Just great!

So delicious, and super easy and quick to make. No baking, no fuss. I can't imagine anyone not loving this. Just a suggestion, I'm never sure how crushed the biscuits should be - maybe be a bit specific about this? I might have not crushed mine enough but I'm not sure. I'll definitely make this again... and again. Thank you.

A truly delicious slice.....love the tang of the apricots.....yummo! The Malt biscuits and the apricots go well together. We prefer it almost than a chocolate bar....nice strong cup of tea to go with it...the perfect combination!
Would recommend this recipe to everyone. So simple :)

yummmy!!!!! I used malt biscuits and defo a family fav.

Hi I love your recipes they are amazing . Also love the flavored icing sugar thanks

Family loves this one made a double batch and it all disappeared in a couple of days

brilliant slice

Easy to make. My husband loved it.

Simple yummy and easy to make


Delicious and easy to make. It is quite sweet though, so a small piece is enough.

Awesome taste, easy to make, and have shared widely with work colleagues as they all love this apricot fudge slice

This apricot fudge slice is one of the yummiest and easiest recipes to make, one that I have been making for many years and always a favourite

I'm really enjoying your recipes but am having trouble finding the flavoured icing sugar in the supermarket can you please help.
CHELSEA: thanks for your feedback. Ranging varies by store - call us on 0800 800 617 and we can help you.

This recipe is fatal - you can't resist it. I made two batches and took one round to some friends who couldn't stop raving about it too.


Very sweet but so yummy!


Very tasty.

The slice is super yummy, and the lemon icing is just perfect with the sweet apricot fudge.

Absolutely delicious and easy to make - a real winner!

Best slice I have ever made. Everybody loved it.
I also used lemon juice instead of water in icing and finely chopped pistachio nuts instead of coconut.

My favorite.


I have made this slice several times. It is yummy and so easy to make.

Everyone in my family loves this slice!

it is lovely to eat and cool to make

This is a family favorite and so easy.

just love it. I make it and keep in fridge, i just add lemon juice to the icing.

easy and great, very yummy.

A hit in the house... Requests for more!

one word YUMMM

this recipe is much better without the sugar added to it

yummy !!!!!!

We really enjoyed eating this slice!

Everyone in my family loves this slice, my husband can never go to work with just one piece for him, he always has to have enough to share around.

Yummy. Keeps well too.

So easy and SO tasty.

Family love this recipe, so easy to make and tastes simply amazing!

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Apricot Fudge Slice Recipe | Chelsea Sugar (2024)


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