Boy Names 2024 -- Top, Trends, News (2024)

Baby boy names have never been more exciting -- or challenging. This is your guide to the diverse new world of boy names, traditional and unusual, ancient and newly invented, including popular boy names and unique boy names. We've got everything you need to search for names for a son.

Popular Boy Names

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Popular boy names on Nameberry include the top 2000 baby boy names that attracted the most attention from our visitors over the past month. Our exclusive list of popular boy names 2023 offers real-time insight into which male names parents are considering right now for their sons.

Top 2000 Baby Boy Names 2024

  • 1SilasChevron - Right
  • 2SorenChevron - Right
  • 3FelixChevron - Right
  • 4TheodoreChevron - Right
  • 5AtticusChevron - Right
  • 6OliverChevron - Right

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Unique Boy Names

Boy Names 2024 -- Top, Trends, News (2)

Looking for unique boy names? We've got all the cool and unusual names for your baby boy you've ever heard of and thousands you haven't. We love to show you our favorite names, like the starter names below. We've also got lists of unique, unusual, and rare boy names that can help you search for the perfect name for your baby son.

  • ArtemisChevron - Right
  • BanksChevron - Right
  • BraveChevron - Right
  • CosmoChevron - Right
  • DrummerChevron - Right
  • EeroChevron - Right
  • HananChevron - Right
  • MagnusChevron - Right
  • OzzyChevron - Right
  • RishiChevron - Right
  • RyeChevron - Right
  • SoloChevron - Right
  • TownesChevron - Right
  • SparrowChevron - Right
  • HuckChevron - Right
  • PhineasChevron - Right
  • WilburChevron - Right
  • ZebedeeChevron - Right
  • UrbanChevron - Right
  • ClementChevron - Right

Discover Unique Boy NamesChevron - Right

Discover all the unique namesChevron - Right

Baby Boy Names in the News

Thu Jan 18 2024

The Best Cool Undiscovered Boy Names

Among the 100 best cool undiscovered boy names are several of our all-time favorites: Barnaby and Inigo, Fielder and Lorcan, Humphrey and Thackery. Get inspired here.

Sat Jan 13 2024

Last Names for Boys: Cool and Fresh Choices

If you love names like Mason, Hunter and Brooks but are looking for something less popular, we've got you covered. Surname names for boys are an ever-growing trend, but there are still plenty of underused options, whether you like occupational names, rockstar heroes, or a last name with a cute nickname.

Thu Dec 21 2023

How to Make Classic Boy Names Unique

Classic boy names come in many variations that slide up and down the popularity scale. Here's how to make your traditional favorite more rare.

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Baby Boy Names A-Z

Are you looking for a boy name starting with a particular letter? Perhaps you're searching for a third J boy name to match with siblings, or you hope to honor a family member by using their initials, or maybe you just want an easy way to explore what's out there! Browse our full list of boy names by first letter here. Find all our search by letter tools on the Baby Names A-Z page.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F
  • G
  • H
  • I
  • J
  • K
  • L
  • M
  • N
  • O
  • P
  • Q
  • R
  • S
  • T
  • U
  • V
  • W
  • X
  • Y
  • Z

See Boy Names by Origin

Boy Names 2024 -- Top, Trends, News (6)

Baby boy name origins are an excellent way to search our full list of boys names. Many parents choose to honor their family's heritage by choosing a baby name from the same source, others just love the style of boy names from a certain language or culture. Our detailed lists of boys' names organized by origin are the perfect starting point.

  • Spanish Boy NamesChevron - Right
  • Hebrew Boy NamesChevron - Right
  • 225+ Irish Boy Names (with Meanings)Chevron - Right
  • Greek Boy NamesChevron - Right
  • Russian Boy NamesChevron - Right
  • English Boy NamesChevron - Right
  • African Boy NamesChevron - Right
  • Latin Boy NamesChevron - Right

Find boy names by originChevron - Right

Search Boy Names by List

Boy Names 2024 -- Top, Trends, News (7)

Boy name lists are a great way to search for a name for your son, whether you're looking for a saint's name or a name with swagger and sass, a traditional name or one that's newly invented. No matter what kind of name you want, there's a list for that. If there's not, you can make one!

  • Bible Names for BoysChevron - Right
  • Old Man NamesChevron - Right
  • Badass Baby NamesChevron - Right
  • Classic Boy NamesChevron - Right
  • God Names from Myth and LegendChevron - Right
  • Cool Cowboy NamesChevron - Right
  • Cute Boy NamesChevron - Right
  • Rebel Poet NamesChevron - Right

Browse lists of boy namesChevron - Right

Strong Boy Names

Boy Names 2024 -- Top, Trends, News (8)

Strong boy names with powerful meanings are one of the most popular groups with parents, especially in times of uncertainty. Many of these strong names don't have a particularly macho image; some are even gender neutral. But the meanings of strength and power give them some extra muscle.

  • EverettChevron - Right
  • EthanChevron - Right
  • GabrielChevron - Right
  • GriffinChevron - Right
  • KenzoChevron - Right
  • ValentineChevron - Right
  • GarrettChevron - Right
  • OzChevron - Right
  • EnziChevron - Right
  • MalinChevron - Right

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Tips for Naming Your Boy

Boy Names 2024 -- Top, Trends, News (9)

Finding the perfect name for a son can be a daunting task. There are thousands of namesout there —how do you choose the right one for your baby? If your due date is creeping nearer and you still don’t have a name, follow these tips:

Determine your preferred style of names

Do you want a modern name for your boy or a name that is rooted in tradition? Modern names tend to have fewer associations, allowing your child to build his own identity, while traditional names can tie your child to an important history or legacy.

Consider gender identity

Are you looking for gender neutral names that won’t reveal your child’s sex? Or would you prefer a name that’s clearly masculine for your little boy? This choice may play into your feelings about gender identity, or be closely tied to style —gender neutral baby names are often very contemporary.

Decide how popular is too popular

We live in an age where cool and unusual names are highly coveted. This adds to the diversity of names and means your child is unlikely to be one of three Noahs in his kindergarten class. But everyone’s popularity threshold is different when it comes to their own baby’s name. Check the Social Security Administration for the official rankings, and consult parents in your neighborhood to learn which names are common in your social circle.

Start the search

Create a collection of baby names that speak to you. Anything goes! Take inspiration from your favorite TV shows, names you overhear in the grocery store, and our Nameberry lists.

Narrow it down

Work with your partner to identify a shortlist. Cross off names you can’t agree on, ones that don’t match your requirements, and any names that don’t feel right for your baby.

Make a choice

Time to decide on The One. Some parents choose their baby’s name before the birth, while others wait to meet their baby to make sure it fits. Know that it may take a while before your baby grows into their name, but with time, it will feel tailor-made for him.

Need more help?

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Generate Your American Name

Boy Names 2024 -- Top, Trends, News (10)

Between Juneteenth and the Fourth of July, Americans have been enjoying a lovely run of summer holidays. Which at Nameberry, puts us in mind of American names. Need a new American name for a baby, a character, yourself? Try our new American Name Generator.

Get Expert Advice on Naming Your Baby Boy

Boy Names 2024 -- Top, Trends, News (11)

Thebaby name expertsat Nameberry can help you find the perfect name. Whether you need one name or are looking for someone to walk you through the entire baby naming process, private name consulting can help you make a choice you'll love forever.

Talk About Boy Names

Boy Names 2024 -- Top, Trends, News (12)

Talk about your favorite boy names with other expectant parents and name lovers on our friendly forums. You can get advice and feedback on your top choices, gather new ideas and inspiration, or simply discuss all things boy names with our knowledgeable members from around the world.

  • MIL wants us to use family name Joseph or Jerome - sibling JonahChevron - Right
  • A Brother for Louis and MilesChevron - Right
  • Opinions on Jadiel?Chevron - Right

Talk about boy namesChevron - Right

Week-by-Week Pregnancy Guide, Nameberry Style

Boy Names 2024 -- Top, Trends, News (13)

Nameberry'sWeek-by-Week Pregnancy Guidehas you covered, from TTC to the fourth trimester (wait, there's a fourth trimester?). We look at everything from medical signposts to useful gear to, yep, baby names.

Analyze your Baby Name DNA and find the names that match your unique style.

Start Baby Name DNA

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Random Name Generator

Why spend months searching for the perfect baby name when you can generate one with the touch of a button with our Random Name Generator? It's quick, it's easy, it's random. Try it now.

Boy Names 2024 -- Top, Trends, News (2024)


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