My Montana Kitchen's Top Five Recipes of 2016 | My Montana Kitchen (2024)

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The top5 Trim Healthy Mama Friendly Recipes from my blog for the year 2016!

My Montana Kitchen's Top Five Recipes of 2016 | My Montana Kitchen (1)

2016 has been quite a journey on my blog - especially since this blog was born in May of this year! I could not have come as far as I have without the blessing of the Lord! And second only to that are my awesome readers! Truly, it makes my day when someone posts their photos of my recipe, or messages me on Facebook and tells me how much they enjoy a recipe. That makes all the hard work WORTH IT! So thank you readers! I couldn't do this without you! So if you make something and you love it, let me know! Or, if you make something, and think it could use some tweaking - let me know that too! I love to hear from myyou all!

I was curious to see what my top 5recipes were for this beginning year - and then I thought it would be fun to share them with you!! I will list them in the order of popularity.

#1 - Coconut Cream Protein Fudge Bars (S)

These are a sweet, chewy, creamy and coconutty delight!I knew with the first bite that I had hit upon something golden! When I was trying to decide what to call them, my husband suggested I call them “I Want Some More” Bars – because that is what he is always saying when these are around! Seriously, the first batch I made was GONE in less than ten minutes, and my kids (and husband) were asking when I was going to make more.
These little gems are packed full of good-for-you ingredients. Coconut, coconut oil, protein powder & collagen – all power house ingredients that will treat your body right and make your taste buds sing at the same time!

#2 -Almond Joy Cookies (S)

My Montana Kitchen's Top Five Recipes of 2016 | My Montana Kitchen (3)

Coconut, Stevia-sweetened chocolate chips, almonds, and homemade (sugar free) low carb sweetened condensed milk. Only 4 ingredients and super easy to make! I have always loved Magic Cookie Bars (amazing low-carb recipe here), and these cookies remind me a lot of those bars! Of course they also taste like their name-sake, an Almond Joy candy bar, but without all the sugar and health damaging ingredients!

#3 -3 Ingredient Sweetened Condensed Milk

My Montana Kitchen's Top Five Recipes of 2016 | My Montana Kitchen (4)

An easy, low-carb, sugar free sweetened condensed milk that tastes just as good as the real thing! Honestly, no-one would ever know it wasn’t filled with sugar!

#4 -Low Carb Stromboli
My Montana Kitchen's Top Five Recipes of 2016 | My Montana Kitchen (5)

I sometimes ask people, “When you think of eating healthy/going on a ‘diet,’ what are some of the foods you think you should give up?” Pizza is invariably one of the first mentioned! Then I delight in telling them that you CAN have pizza (and chocolate cake, cheesecake, buffalo wings, ect.)! The Trim Healthy Mama plan is amazing!

This is my take on a healthy, gluten free, low carb stromboli.

#5 -2 Ingredient Fudge

My Montana Kitchen's Top Five Recipes of 2016 | My Montana Kitchen (6)

An easy, 2 ingredient fudge recipe that is perfect for the Holidays!Honestly, no one will ever know that this is not full of sugar and carbs!Many of you have no doubt heard of Microwave Fudge – sweetened condensed milk and chocolate chips. This is my healthy take on that. You can make it in the microwave, or you can melt them together on the stove. You choose!

I kept this original recipe simple – but feel free to add chopped nuts if you want. You can also make any amount you want. If you just want a few pieces of fudge, you can make just a few. If you want a whole pan, its easy to do!

And there you have it! My Top 5 Recipes for the past year! Which one is your favorite?

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My Montana Kitchen's Top Five Recipes of 2016 | My Montana Kitchen (2024)


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