Newton Wellesley Childbirth Classes (2024)

1. Childbirth Classes | Greater Boston - Newton-Wellesley Hospital

  • Getting Ready for Birth · Newborn Care · Natural Childbirth · HypnoBirthing

  • Birthing & Parenting Classes --> Childbirth Education   Our Childbirth Education Department offers a variety of classes and workshops to build your confidence as you prepare to birth and parent. Whether this is baby number one, two, or more, we have a class to help you make in

Childbirth Classes | Greater Boston - Newton-Wellesley Hospital

2. Childbirth Education | Newton-Wellesley Hospital

  • You may find it easiest to begin with either a Prepared Childbirth Class, Natural Childbirth Class, Hypno-birthing Class, or Planned Cesarean Childbirth Class.

  • Childbirth Education View Current Childbirth Education Class Listings All parents have questions – whether planning for their first or fifth baby. Helping you find the answers to your questions is the goal of the instructors and staff of the Childbirth Education Department at Newton-Well

Childbirth Education | Newton-Wellesley Hospital

3. Childbirth Classes - Newton-Wellesley - OB/GYN

  • Virtual Childbirth Classes - Newton-Wellesley: Ready for childbirth? Join our online classes from home for a safe and informed experience.

Childbirth Classes - Newton-Wellesley - OB/GYN

4. Pregnancy & Childbirth - Newton-Wellesley - OB/GYN

  • At Newton-Wellesley OB/GYN, our expert team of obstetricians and providers know that the pregnancy and childbirth journey requires many levels of care.

  • Experience expert care for pregnancy and childbirth at Newton-Wellesley. Your journey to parenthood starts here.

Pregnancy & Childbirth - Newton-Wellesley - OB/GYN

5. ChildbirthEducation | Boston Birthing

  • Childbirth Education. Informative and Compassionate. Comprehensive classes ... Prepared Childbirth @ Newton Wellesley Hospital. Saturday 9:00 - 4:00. on Zoom.

  • Karen Zelinsky teaches Prepared Childbirth, Natural Childbirth and HypnoBirthing at local locations including Newton Wellesley Hospital and Mama and Me in JP

6. Classes at Newton Wellesley hospital - Boston Parents | Forums

  • The prepared childbirth class comes highly recommended, and you get a discount on other classes (like the hypnobirthing one) if you do the prepared childbirth ...

  • My husband and I are thinking of signing up for infant cpr, infant care, prepared childbirth at NWH. Anyone have experiences with classes there? We are first time parents so trying to prepare ahead of time!

Classes at Newton Wellesley hospital - Boston Parents | Forums

7. Childbirth Education for Modern Families - intuitive roots

Childbirth Education for Modern Families - intuitive roots

8. Childbirth & Parenting Classes | Massachusetts General Hospital

  • Our childbirth education class is designed to help expectant parents prepare for childbirth and early parenthood and includes a virtual hospital tour. The class ...

  • The OB/GYN Department offers childbirth education classes and other educational resources to help new and expectant parents prepare for childbirth and early parenthood.

Childbirth & Parenting Classes | Massachusetts General Hospital

9. Meet the Midwives | Atrius Health

  • Additional Resources · Newton-Wellesley Hospital Virtual Maternity Tour · Newton-Wellesley Hospital Childbirth Classes.

  • A virtual Meet the Midwives session to help you get to know our team a bit more and to answer some of the more popular questions we get asked.

10. Services | Bronwyn Sheppard Doula & Birth Care | Boston

  • ... childbirth education: ​. Private lessons in your home. A small-group class in my home in East Boston. A large-group class at Newton-Wellesley Hospital. It is ...

  • Birthing your child can be a powerful and transformative experience.  How you feel, how you are treated, and how empowered you are to trust your body and make good choices has the potential to change everything! 

11. Maternity Guide: Newton-Wellesley Hospital - Issuu

  • Feb 4, 2016 · Early in your pregnancy, please register for classes by calling the Wellness Center at 617-243-6221 or the Childbirth Education Office at 617- ...

  • Last updated June 14, 2016.

Maternity Guide: Newton-Wellesley Hospital - Issuu

12. BACE Certified Childbirth Educators

  • She teaches Prepared Childbirth Education, Natural Childbirth Education, Refresher Workshops, and Infant Care at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, in private classes, ...

  • Find certified childbirth educators in your area for childbirth classes, education, workshops and more.

BACE Certified Childbirth Educators

13. [PDF] Common Pregnancy Questions - Wellesley Women's Care

  • Newton Wellesley Hospital or you are welcome to attend a class in your local ... at, or by.

14. Newton-Wellesley Hospital hiring Family Education Instructor ...

  • GENERAL SUMMARY: Teaches childbirth and parenting classes for the expectant families delivering at Newton-Wellesley Hospital. ... Begins and ends classes on time ...

  • Posted 10:33:33 PM. GENERAL SUMMARY: Teaches childbirth and parenting classes for the expectant families delivering at…See this and similar jobs on LinkedIn.

Newton-Wellesley Hospital hiring Family Education Instructor ...

15. Group Childbirth Classes for Boston area families | The Birth Co

  • Serving pregnant and postpartum families in the Arlington, Belmont, Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Lexington, Needham, Newton, Waltham, Watertown, Wellesley, and ...

  • Our group childbirth classes are designed to help you feel 100% prepared and confident with evidence-based education, practical support and guidance.

Group Childbirth Classes for Boston area families | The Birth Co

Are you expecting a new addition to your family? Congratulations! Welcoming a baby into the world is one of the most beautiful and life-changing experiences. As you prepare for this incredible journey, it's essential to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the childbirth process with confidence and comfort. This is where Newton Wellesley Childbirth Classes come in – providing expectant parents with invaluable resources and support as they prepare for the miracle of birth.

Understanding the Importance of Childbirth Classes

Childbirth classes play a crucial role in helping expectant parents prepare for labor, delivery, and the early stages of parenthood. These classes are designed to educate, empower, and support mothers and their partners as they embark on this transformative experience. From learning about the stages of labor to understanding pain management techniques and exploring various birthing options, childbirth classes offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to preparing for childbirth.

Choosing Newton Wellesley Childbirth Classes

When it comes to selecting the right childbirth classes, Newton Wellesley Hospital stands out as a trusted and reputable institution dedicated to providing exceptional prenatal education and support. Their range of childbirth classes is designed to cater to the diverse needs of expectant parents, ensuring that each family receives the personalized guidance and information they require to feel confident and prepared for the birthing process.

The Benefits of Newton Wellesley Childbirth Classes

  1. Comprehensive Curriculum: Newton Wellesley childbirth classes offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of topics, including prenatal care, stages of labor, pain management options, newborn care, breastfeeding, and postpartum recovery. This extensive coverage ensures that expectant parents are well-informed about every aspect of childbirth and early parenthood.

  2. Expert Guidance: The classes are led by experienced and knowledgeable childbirth educators who are dedicated to providing evidence-based information and compassionate support to expectant parents. Their expertise and personalized approach create a nurturing and informative environment for learning.

  3. Interactive Learning: Newton Wellesley childbirth classes are designed to be interactive, engaging, and participatory. Through discussions, demonstrations, and hands-on activities, expectant parents have the opportunity to actively engage with the material and connect with other families, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

  4. Flexibility and Accessibility: The hospital offers a variety of class formats, including in-person sessions, virtual classes, and self-paced online modules, making it convenient for expectant parents to access the education they need in a way that suits their schedules and preferences.

Preparing for the Birth Experience

As the due date approaches, many expectant parents experience a mix of excitement and apprehension. Newton Wellesley childbirth classes aim to alleviate anxieties and build confidence by equipping families with practical skills and knowledge. From understanding the signs of labor to practicing relaxation techniques and creating a birth plan, these classes empower expectant parents to approach childbirth with a sense of preparedness and assurance.

Embracing the Journey Together

The journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenthood is a profound and transformative experience that is best navigated with knowledge, support, and a sense of community. Newton Wellesley childbirth classes not only provide valuable information but also foster connections among expectant parents, creating a network of support and understanding that extends beyond the classroom.


Preparing for childbirth is a significant milestone in the journey of becoming a parent. Newton Wellesley Childbirth Classes offer a wealth of resources, guidance, and support to help expectant parents navigate this transformative experience with confidence and knowledge. By enrolling in these classes, families can embark on the journey of childbirth and early parenthood feeling empowered, informed, and connected.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are the different types of childbirth classes offered at Newton Wellesley Hospital? Newton Wellesley Hospital offers a variety of childbirth classes, including prenatal care, labor and delivery preparation, newborn care, breastfeeding, and postpartum recovery.

  2. Are the childbirth classes at Newton Wellesley Hospital suitable for first-time parents? Yes, the classes are designed to cater to the needs of both first-time parents and those who have previous childbirth experiences.

  3. Can partners or support persons attend the childbirth classes with expectant mothers? Absolutely! Partners and support persons are encouraged to participate in the classes to gain a deeper understanding of the childbirth process and provide valuable support to expectant mothers.

  4. How can I enroll in Newton Wellesley childbirth classes? Enrollment can be done through the hospital's website or by contacting their maternity services department for assistance.

  5. What should I expect from the virtual childbirth classes offered by Newton Wellesley Hospital? The virtual classes are designed to provide the same level of comprehensive information and interactive learning experience as the in-person sessions, allowing expectant parents to participate from the comfort of their homes.

Newton Wellesley Childbirth Classes (2024)
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