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Affirmations are a habit in my household for everyone in the family, including my husband and me. I first heard of affirmations from The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and began doing it for myself in the morning. Overtime, I found myself repeating them during the day if I was in a difficult situation and giving myself a positive energy boost. So I figured, why not have my kids do this also?

This is a long post on everything you need to get started with affirmations and answers the most frequent questions about creating a habit of affirmations. At the end you’ll find a searchable database of over 200 affirmations for kids. I am constantly adding to the list, so please bookmark this site and come back often!

Why Are Affirmations Important?

Affirmations are important because they help to program your mindset and your unconscious mind.

  • Kids, in particular, are learning habits and mindset from parents, teachers, classmates, etc. The are bound to pick up some bad habits that seem to have come out of nowhere. For example, when my son moved into a different (older) classroom of pre-school kids, he suddenly became much more aggressive and played rougher than my sweet 3-year old. Affirmations were a way to remind him to be kind and that not everyone (especially mom) wants to play rough.
  • Affirmations help to set their minds up for positivity and success throughout their entire life. Kids can easily get frustrated when they are learning new things and skills. By instilling a growth mindset with affirmations, they can more easily overcome obstacles instead of giving up.

When Should You Do Affirmations With Your Kids?

I like to do affirmations with my kids in the morning in the car on the way to school. As a busy mom, I like to multi-task as much as possible! When both kids were in daycare, I say the affirmations with them as we were walking into the classroom.

The beauty of affirmations, though, is that you can do them anytime! If my kids are having a hard time with something, I’ll do a “time out” with them to let them calm down, reset, and say an affirmation to help them get back on track. I even do this for myself during the day if I need it!

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How Many Affirmations Should I Do With My Kids?

I think the key here is consistency and quality over quantity. We have our base affirmation that we do as a family every morning, which is a chant: Good, Better, Best! Never let it rest until our good is our better and our better is our best!Some days that is all we have time to do.

On other days, I’ll add in 1-2 affirmations in the morning depending on what is happening with the kids. For example, when my daughter was going to a new classroom at the daycare, I knew she was going to be scared going into a new situation. So during the days surrounding the transition, I had her say “I am brave. I like to try new things,” which helped her through the transition.

For my son, I would have him say “I listen to my teachers and share with my friends” every school day. There was one day when his teacher told me he wasn’t behaving during the entire day, and I realized that we had skipped doing affirmations that day! I’m sure that wasn’t the only reason he misbehaved, but even small things like affirmations can have a big impact on their behavior.

Which Affirmations Should I Do With My Kids?

It’s a very personal decision on which affirmations you want to do with your kids. I would say, just try them out and see which ones resonate with you and your kids. Think about what kind of behavior or mindset you want your kids to have (or what they are struggling with) and find affirmations to help them.

One of the reasons I categorized the affirmations is because I’m often searching for an affirmation to help with a specific situation. Like the example above with my daughter, I specifically picked affirmations about overcoming fear and new situations.

Right now, I’m focused on instill a growth mindset in the kids, so we are doing more of those affirmations. Feel free to experiment and change over time! You don’t need to do the same affirmation if it doesn’t apply to you anymore or it isn’t exciting anymore. Change it up!

Can I Modify These Affirmations or Should I Use it Word for Word?

Yes, feel free to change the words to make them your own! As I was researching affirmations for this post, I noticed there were several variations that you can make for any of these affirmations.

  • Combine 2-3 related behaviors or emotions. For example, you could combine kind, caring and loving to create one affirmation: I am kind, caring, and loving towards my friends.
  • Test out different sentence structures. For example, the affirmation “I am kind” could be adjusted to “You are kind.” or “I enjoy being kind.” or “Kindness comes easy to me.”

The Ultimate Searchable List of 200+ Affirmations for Kids

I put together this list of affirmations from my own set that I use with my kids as well as several other online resources. Check out my Pinterest board on Affirmations for Kids for a lot more resources. I am constantly adding to this list, so come back often if you need to pick different ones. If you’d like them all at once in a PDF file, click here to download The Ultimate List of 200+ Affirmations for Kids.

The Ultimate List of Affirmations for Kids

All is well in the world.Positive Mindset
Every day and in every way, I get better and better.Growth Mindset
Every day brings new opportunities.Positive Mindset
Every problem has an answer.Growth Mindset
Everything works out just fine.Positive Mindset
I absorb knowledge like a sponge and am able to apply what I have learnt.Growth Mindset
I accept and love myself.Self Confidence
I accept compliments graciously and openly.Self Confidence
I accept myself even though I sometimes make mistakes.Growth Mindset
I accomplish great results.Self Confidence
I achieve great and successful results.The Best
I act responsibly.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I always find ways to overcome challengesGrowth Mindset
I am a bright student.Self Confidence
I am a fast learner.Growth Mindset
I am a fun person.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am a good friend to myself.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am a good friend.Friends
I am a good influence on others.Friends
I am a great listener.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am a loving and kind sibling.Family
I am a winner.Self Confidence
I am able to analyze and see clearly for problem solving.Growth Mindset
I am able to easily draw inspiration from nature and life.Positive Mindset
I am able to solve problems creatively.Growth Mindset
I am able to understand and solve complex problem sums or questions easily.Growth Mindset
I am always in the right place at the right time.Positive Mindset
I am always on time.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am attentive in class.Problem Solving
I am awesome.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am beautiful.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am blessed.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am brave.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am calm.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am caring.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am compassionate.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am confident.Self Confidence
I am courageous even when things are unknown to me.Growth Mindset
I am deserving of love, trust and kindness.Self Confidence
I am exactly where I need to be.Positive Mindset
I am excited of the unknown.Growth Mindset
I am forgiving.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am friendly.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am full of energy.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am generous.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am gentle with myself and others.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am happy.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am healthy.Health
I am helpful.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am honest.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am important.Self Confidence
I am in charge of my life.Growth Mindset
I am joyful.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am kind.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am loved.Self Confidence
I am okay with who I am.Self Confidence
I am on top of my classes.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am open to new and exciting possibilitiesPositive Mindset
I am open to possibility.Positive Mindset
I am optimistic.Positive Mindset
I am patient.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am peaceful.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am perfect just the way I am.Self Confidence
I am persistent.The Best
I am polite.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am proud myself.Self Confidence
I am quick and accurate with _______ (e.g. math, science, etc).Growth Mindset
I am ready to seize the opportunities of the day.Positive Mindset
I am relaxed.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am safe.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am special.Self Confidence
I am strong, inside and out.Self Confidence
I am thankful for _______ (e.g., my family, my friends, etc).Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am thoughtful.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am trustworthy.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am unique.Self Confidence
I am creative.Self Confidence
I am intelligent.Self Confidence
I am vibrant and have lots of energy.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am whole and complete.Self Confidence
I am worthwhile of all the love and happiness in the world.Self Confidence
I approve of myself.Self Confidence
I believe I can be whatever I want to be.Self Confidence
I believe in my abilities.Self Confidence
I believe in my dreams.Self Confidence
I believe in myself.Self Confidence
I can become whatever I want to be.Growth Mindset
I can control my emotions.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I can do anything.Growth Mindset
I can do whatever I focus my mind on.Growth Mindset
I can visualize very well.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I complete my school work on time every day.School
I do my best in finishing my household responsibilities.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I do everything to the best of my ability.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I do my best in school.School
I embrace change.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I embrace my fears fully and calmly.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I enjoy absorbing knowledge like a sponge.Growth Mindset
I enjoy being cheerful.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I enjoy being happy.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I enjoy being, feeling and thinking positive.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I enjoy challenging myself in new ideas, possibilities and directions.Growth Mindset
I enjoy challenging myself.Growth Mindset
I enjoy discovering something new.Growth Mindset
I enjoy eating healthy snacks.Health
I enjoy having habits that will help me have a happy, healthy and successful life.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I enjoy healthy food.Health
I enjoy learning.Growth Mindset
I enjoy trying new ideas.Growth Mindset
I experience beauty wherever I go.Positive Mindset
I express my ideas easily.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I feel confident and secure.Self Confidence
I feel joy in every corner of my body.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I find creative solutions to my problems.Growth Mindset
I forgive myself for making a mistake.Growth Mindset
I forgive others for their mistakes.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I get better and better every day.Growth Mindset
I give freely.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I handle all my responsibilities and tasks well.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I have a beautiful imagination.Self Confidence
I have a healthy relationship with my teachers.School
I have a lot of brilliant ideas.Self Confidence
I have an excellent memory.Self Confidence
I have courage.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I have faith in myself.Self Confidence
I have an awesome imagination.Self Confidence
I have happy thoughts.Positive Mindset
I have lots of energy.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I have lots of friends who love me.Positive Mindset
I have many gifts and talents.Self Confidence
I have many good friends.Friends
I have the courage to be myself.Self Confidence
I have trust in myself.Self Confidence
I keep my body healthy.Health
I learn from my challenges and can always find ways to overcome them.Growth Mindset
I learn from my mistakes.Growth Mindset
I like being challenged.Growth Mindset
I like being punctual.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I like myself.Self Confidence
I like new challenges.Growth Mindset
I like to eat fruits and vegetables.Health
I like to play outside.Health
I listen to my heart.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I listen to my parents.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I love being healthy!Health
I love going to school because learning is fun.School
I love my body.Self Confidence
I love my family and friends.Friends
I love myself.Self Confidence
I make friends easilyFriends
I make great decisions.Self Confidence
I manage my time well.School
I may make mistakes sometimes but I choose to learn from them.Growth Mindset
I meet the right decisions.Self Confidence
I play an important role in the world.Self Confidence
I play well with others.Friends
I radiate love and compassion.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I reach for the stars.The Best
I reach my goals easily.The Best
I read, write and learn fast.School
I receive all the help that I need.Positive Mindset
I replace anger with compassion.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I respect other people.Friends
I see beauty in nature.Positive Mindset
I see the good in myself.Self Confidence
I solve problems.Growth Mindset
I support others with love and kindness.Friends
I take care of my responsibilities.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I am happy with my life.Positive Mindset
I talk about my feelings.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I think positive.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I trust in my abilities.Self Confidence
I trust in my ability to solve problems.Growth Mindset
I trust myself in making great decisions.Self Confidence
I turn failures into opportunities for success.Growth Mindset
I understand complex problems quickly.Growth Mindset
I understand the lessons taught in school completely and quickly.School
I work hard.School
Ideas for problem solving come easily and quickly to me.School
Learning is fun and exciting.School
Life is fun.Positive Mindset
Miracles happen to me all the time.Positive Mindset
My dreams are coming true.The Best
My family and friends love me for who I am.Friends
My friends enjoy playing with me.Friends
My heart guides me.Positive Behavior & Emotions
My imagination is amazing.Positive Behavior & Emotions
My intuition is a guide showing me the right direction.Self Confidence
My parents are proud of me.Positive Mindset
Opportunities come to me in good time.Positive Mindset
Problems are challenges to make me better.The Best
Whatever I do, I give my best.The Best
While I appreciate details, I am able to also see the big picture in things.Positive Behavior & Emotions
Wonderful and awesome things happen to me.Positive Mindset
I see the value in failure because I learn something new.Growth Mindset
I view challenges as opportunities for growthGrowth Mindset
Today is a great day!Positive Mindset
Learning is my superpowerSchool
I do the right thing, even when no one is looking.Positive Behavior & Emotions
I enjoy new adventuresGrowth Mindset
I listen to my teachers.School
I ask for help when I need it.School
I improve with lots of practice.The Best
I grow my brain by learning hard things.School
I am brave enough to try new things.Growth Mindset
Mistakes help me learn and grow.School

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